Jeremy Furr's Mobile Apps


My Photos - Have you ever wanted to pull up a specific photo on your phone or tablet but have to scroll through the thousands of photos on your device? Now there is a solution. Create some slideshows in this app so you can quickly get to your favorite images.


OBD 2 Codes  - Lookup generic and manufacturer specific codes, no internet required.

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Flash Cards - Free 

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Address Book - A quick way to navigate in a couple taps.

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Warfarin Tracking - Keep track of your Warfarin dosage, INR levels, view a graph of the data, and email your doctor all of your entries.

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My List - Keep track of stuff and things! My List can be used as a grocery list, to do list, check list, and more. It quickly totals costs and amount left.

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FB Messenger Backup

Ultimate Address Book - This was developed because of popular request! You can import all contacts with addresses, emails, phone numbers, and websites from your device. Add your own custom fields. Export data via email, and much more!

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Get Me There Quick! - Do you ever get frustrated with how long it takes to get to navigation? Get Me There Quick makes it quicker! Import your contacts and get to navigation in a couple taps. 

You can password protect your addresses, sort alphabetically, or sort by the most often used addresses.

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Blood Sugar  - Track your blood sugar readings, reminders to check your sugar, graph your entries, and automatically share your readings with someone who cares!

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